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for information on Licenced Ordnance Survey Mapping Suppliers.

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Hertfordshire Highways

To report Highway issues, please go to the Hertfordshire County Council Highways reporting tool:

Hertfordshire Highways Fault Reporting

For Abandoned Vehicles, Fly Tipping or Graffiti

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Step 2: Describe the incident with as much detail as possible
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The purpose of this site is to enable access to maps and data on a wide range of Geographical Information within the City and District of St Albans.

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Please note that all map data and information displayed on this site is protected by copyright law as laid out in the Public Sector Mapping Agreement, the terms of which are available from the following web site:

Public Sector Mapping Agreement


Because of their visual, interactive and dynamic nature, digital geographical maps and data pose challenges to full accessibility. For example, navigation tools like panning and zooming require the use of a mouse. Also, screen readers are not able to accurately describe the full content of a map generated in an on-the-fly and dynamic manner. The issue of accessibility to geographical data is a concern to the Council when providing such content over the Internet. The Council is seeking to implement alternative methods of accessing the data wherever practical.

The information presented on these maps is also available in accessible formats either from www.stalbans.gov.uk or directly from the Council.


In order to help us improve this site, the Council would like to hear from you regarding suggestions for additional information and functionality. For geographical, mapping or addressing feedback, please contact the Geographical Information Systems Team by email at gis@stalbans.gov.uk

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